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ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET, Thriving Together.

Inspiring and Empowering the Hero within.

Great Works Alliance


Let us work with you to find your perfect team.

We are here to help.

We want to learn more about your passions and where you feel most appreciated.

All Allies, creative spirits, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and Advocates are invited to collaborate.  

When:  Contact us to set up an appointment today.
Contact:  [email protected]
Phone:  (669)300-5932

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We are passionate about helping individuals and communities  thrive.

What are you passionate about?

What services we provide?

We are building and sharing tools to help empower and inspire individuals and organizations.  To give guidance to those requesting assistance, directing them to the appropriate advocate.

You and any other agent logged in will be able to add to the data repository and organize efforts with a metrics system, personal health guides, team layout and linking, collaboration, and other features.

~ Infrastructure models
~ 'Out of the box' systems approaches to community restoration and rebuilding
~ Social and team building exercises/games
~ Consultation and referrals
~ Guidance and models in alignment with natural system design methodology

We also provide guidance/mentorship for individuals, businesses and communities.

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If life is but a stage and we are all players,

Whom will YOU be?

This is a place for your questions to be answered and your passions to be ignited.


What ignites your Soul?

Welcome to our ground and ceiling breaking on-boarding solutions platform.

The SoulSpark Playground crosses many boundaries by facilitating the identification of dreams and personalities, starting with the core values we each identify with most. By building your own visual map of you, you are actively on-boarding to your game of life.

Our  games can be played for personal introspection, organizational identification, or identified sector mapping, and are intended to offer ease of on-boarding and project management activities for collaborative success. 

Upon entry to our playground, you will begin to discover your own sparks of inspiration, passion, and well being.  This space has many dynamic facets, including Easter eggs and golden tickets, with both virtual and terrestrial applications to be built out. You have been invited to collaborate in the growth and development of your personal SoulSpark and collective team-building opportunities.

We will be hosting our next on-boarding game as small pods begin to form.

Which playground do you want to play in?

One that is full of old shredded tires or one that feels like paradise?

Start your journey now!

Are you ready to play your game?
Mission I'm Possible Countdown

We invite you to challenge yourself and participate in Missions, Quests, and opportunities with us.  Act now! Click the link above to begin your Missions.

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About us

GREAT WORKS ALLIANCE, celebrating and empowering the people, expanding their community dynamic and desire to connect with others, through fun gamification of reality.

Inspiring and empowering the Hero within through interactive, engaging, and optimizing Quests and Missions!

Our Mission: 
To activate the Player's full potential through fun games, interactive engagement, and meritocracy

Together we will build a community-centric social network collaboration and referral platform enabling ease of access to community resources, extended services, and community leaders, thus improving quality of life for all.

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