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Inspiring and Empowering the Hero within.

ONE People,

One Planet

Thriving Together.

Act! On! your inner SoulSparks.

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"Inspiring & Empowering the Hero within!"

Humanity faces a turning point…

This is where you can help bring to light solutions for your community.

By remembering the true heroes we are & rising in common unity, we stand a real chance of improving life for all…

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Join us for an afternoon of fun and healing. Uplift your mind and spirit while connecting with others in your community.

We are collaborating on this project with Kate Sagan, Mother Earth Holistic Arts Studio, and Joey Sapp, Hypno Therapist.

Light snacks & drinks, Vibroacoustic Therapy & group hypnotherapy offered as well.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and help us to share these unique tools and therapies with others in the community.  

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Upcoming events TBA. 

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Enroll in the curriculum today.
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June 24, 2023

1:30-4 PM

July 8, 2023

1:30-4 PM

July 22, 2023

1:30-4 PM

Your participation provides support in the operation and outreach of our ministry and makes you a Scholar in the playground.

Common Unity in the Community

Building Alliances Through Play.  Nurture, connect, & grow positive values, uplifting your mind & spirit!

Benefits Include:

~ Peer-to-Peer empowerment and inclusion in the global Network of Trust

~ Health and progress metrics tailored for inspiration and empowerment

~ Discounts on events; both online and in-person

~ Updates on new games and products we are developing,

~ Inspirational content

~Opportunities, Missions, and Quests

Empower your THRIVING LIFE.

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