~  Ignite your SoulSpark  ~

What are your passions?

What ignites your inner sparks?


Who is your favorite hero?

How do you connect with others?

What quests are you ready for?

If Life is a game and we are all players, whom will you be?

Seeker - Is any Player who seeks information, connections, solutions, etc that they share within portals connected to the GWA platform.

Journeyman - Is any Player who seeks to learn a new skill or trade.

Explorer - Player presenting Innate curiosities and passions.

Warrior - An established Player whom accepts and completes a “MISSION I'm Possible”. An Autonomous individual driven to overcome obstacles. 

Master - Player who shares experiential mastery of any subject with others.

The utilization of the process of Identify, Evaluate, Adapt, and Overcome are employed throughout your Missions and Quests.

The outcomes will enable you to receive recognition points in the form of the Meritus Badging System and other tangible and non-tangible rewards through the progression of your Quests.

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What ignites your inner sparks?

Your #SoulSpark Mind Map

Once you have registered to participate with our Beta Developers Team, you may begin to build on the board.  The following visual maps are a great way to begin your Quest and inner and outer exploration and collaboration.

Your #SoulSpark ToolKit Map

This map assists to formulate some coherence in your personal abilities to identify, evaluate,  adapt, and overcome the challenges presented, using the inherent tools you were born with.

Your #SoulSpark Empowerment Map

This map assists to navigate through the virtues and strengths for better health and well being, expanding out into healthy collaboration and team architecture.

Family and Community Centered Empowerment Map

This map assists in using the fourth branch to empower families and communities to be involved in various Community Propulsion Sectors for improved positive bias and protection of our freedoms under national sovereignty. 

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Join our Quests

You are invited to join our Quests to collaborate and provide everyone the tools and support they seek to help themselves and their neighbors.  Just click the icon above to learn more.

Restorative and Regenerative Passions

In recognition of global restorative and regenerative passions, we have created badges to identify the various allies by sector. If you have a organization that you would like to recommend an organization that identifies with these goals, or one that needs to, please check out the badges and let us know by clicking the icon above.

Positive Psychology is one of our core principles of engagement.

Using the research published in the “Character Strengths and Virtues” handbook, by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman.

We have created the first set of modified badges in alignment with this research.  Follow the Virtues to learn about the corresponding
character traits and what they mean.

Take a deeper dive and play SparkITude with us.

Transform your reality through these portals and learn which Missions are possible.


Welcome to the
#SoulSpark Playground



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GREAT WORKS ALLIANCE, celebrating and empowering the people, expanding their community dynamic and desire to connect with others, through fun gamification of reality.

Inspiring and empowering the Hero within through interactive, engaging, and optimizing Quests and Missions!

Our Mission: 
To activate the Player's full potential through fun games, interactive engagement, and meritocracy

Together we will build a community-centric social network collaboration and referral platform enabling ease of access to community resources, extended services, and community leaders, thus improving quality of life for all.

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