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Earth College

Established as a Education portal by Earth SoL Ministries, Earth College is set up to provide a network of sustainable businesses, organizations, and communities seeking to share and offer education on their methods with people interested in supporting a sustainable future.

Open Mission:  Earth's Mobil Task Force

The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

Welcome to the Support Center In order to streamline Missions (support requests) and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every Mission is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your Mission requests. A valid email address is required to submit a Mission.

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Justice League

We are a group of legends: a behind the scenes group of leaders (in their own niche) witch aim towards cooperative efforts and ideas to fuel positive change that tie in to fair and equal treatment of EVERY SINGLE CASE!!

Main focus of this group is prioritizing of what's right over tyrants. #HumanRights #50/50Rights #ChildrensRights #HonorableWarriors #Elite4Children #WarriorsUnited #TruthBeforeLies #VeteranPowered #FactsNotFeelings

Family Unification Alliance

Family Unification Alliance (F.U.A.) is a nonprofit 501C3 dedicated to the purpose of keeping families together and strengthening familial bonds. We provide a broad resource hub in helping people with their relationships through advocacy and support programs, counseling, mediations, adulting, and parenting education programs, training/mentorship, legal help providing paralegals in Ex-parte divorces, and stipulated orders that are in the best interest of the parents and children.

Civil X

Civil X is a online platform that allows players to engage in media, education, gamified work projects, events, and community development. Civil X provides stories, resources and tools for easy replication of good ideas in diverse locations around the world. This is a cooperative based media platform for accessing training, workshops, co-op workspaces, and online team-building. We choose to focus on Community organization, resource sharing, and testing real-life solutions by working with thriving communities all over the world!​"

Jedi Alliance

This innovative metaphysical training system (and game) integrates the 12 sectors or houses into 6 transformative ecoscapes using the 5 elements and a Self Discovery Ascension Map. Our STAR system organizes information and TEAMS to optimize the learning environment through direct application. Jedi Academy is a 12 week emersion.

Critical Thinkers
Evolving Together

A public benefit corporation, we identify pertinent data for network dissemination and optimization.
Our purpose: sustainable evolution. Our mission, to define and implement the highest standards of community development, disseminate and implement process in unstable environments.  Critical thinkers will map, assess and identify environmental sustainability metrics based on equitables meeting our basic human needs.