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We are conducting pilot testing & study of human behavior with a focus on interpersonal engagements for optimal thriving opportunities.

Quests ~ Activating tools with a hand-up.

Building out a network of trust through fun games and activities within the field of psychology, education, agriculture, the environment & co-operative living modalities. The goal is to provide tools & support to many.

Below are some of the Quests that we are seeking active collaborators, allies and sponsors to further develop and implement.

Great Works Alliance relies on different forms of donations, service contracts and fundraisers. If you would like to learn more about how you can become involved, click here to choose your path.

Quest 1 ~

Interactive Information Resource Center

Objective: To create a database network and online/gaming to physical interface for collection and analysis of information, accountable currency commons. This is also a community network portal of services, goods, activities, and other community opportunities hub.

Quest 2 ~

Universal Community Commons Kiosk

Objective: This Interactive Information Resource Kiosk will provide the online/gaming to physical interface portal with information about services and opportunities available for everyone in the community, including a rating system. Health scanning and coupon/prize printing and receiving would also be included at the main kiosks. Other kiosks can be mobile and act as first contact responders.

Quest 3 ~

Operation SoulSpark Tank

Objective: To bring the media concept of “Shark Tank” the series with investment goals of community outreach and impact to a new level of outreach potential.

Quest 4 ~

SoulSpark Playground

Objective: Identify Your SoulSparks. The SoulSpark playground is a an environment enabling brain retraining games for the emergence of an empathic civilization.
Create your own DNA double helix strand using fun icons.  Register for our upcoming workshop to begin your
Mission I'm Possible journey.

Gaia's Mobil Task Force

We are the neuro-network of Gaia. We receive her divine downloads every day. They exist in the soil, the ocean and the air. We breath one air, drink and live using one water, and grow food in the soil of this ONE beautiful blue dot.

Quest 7 ~ Gaia's Mobile Task Force

Objective : This task force is designed to enable all qualified relief agents to provide emergency and regenerative engineering fleets and aid to help rejuvenate the planet. We are Gaia's Mobil Task Force and it is up to all of us to step up and provide the emergency aid needed at this time. The planet is in a state of turmoil and it takes all of us to ensure our earth ship becomes healthy again.

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Quest 8 ~ Earth College

Established in 2007 as a Education portal by Earth SOUL Ministries.

Objective : Earth College is set up to provide a network of sustainable businesses, organizations, and communities seeking to share and offer education on their methods with people interested in cultivating thriving communities.

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Quest 9 ~ Earth's Shelter

Providing education and shelter, cultivating thriving communities.

Objective: Within these safe homes, parents and family will learn life skills and stewardship skills, residents will earn work credits, which will help them find more permanent housing and have some money saved up to help get back on their own.

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Quest 10 ~ Operation Guerrilla Grow

Planting seeds of hope and change in your community.

Objective: To bring people in the community together with the aim of using community investment and influence to re-purpose abandoned buildings and spaces for regenerative practices.

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Quest 11 ~ Project Wildflower

Building a community of growth and sustainability.

Objective: Players are invited to plant flowers and seeds in their community gardens and public areas while engaging in discussion with other community members about the needs and solutions of their community.

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Quest 12 ~ Operation Shield

Objective: This Mission Directive is designed to assist in coordination of our awareness communities with the protection of the biker community, the veteran community (for example), as well as other community protectors, to back up the proactive non-confrontational peaceful activities.

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Merch Affiliation & Rewards Campaign 

Sports apparel based on valued and validated recognition of virtues.

This is an outreach program for mentorship and self optimization programs offered in collaborative efforts, with and for the benefit of other groups and organizations they are affiliated with.

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