Our Vision

We envision a world where all people are empowered individuals, performing epic transformations of Great Works within their communities every day, improving the quality of life for all.

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Our Mission

To activate the Player's full real potential through fun gameification, interactive engagement, and meritocracy. Inspiring and empowering the Hero within.

The Mission of GREAT WORKS ALLIANCE is to build a community-centric social network and referral platform enabling ease of access to community resources, extended services, and community leaders.

Meet the Founders and most active Players

Lyra Star Mist

Executive Director/Co-founder
Quantum Dream Weaver, Game Designer, Free Agent, and holistic healer.
Love, nurturing, compassion, brave, honor, integrity, trustworthy, leadership, humanity, team work, love of learning, creative, innovative, discernment, humor, spiritual, transcendent.

Passionate about Earth and uplifting humanity.

Passions and Studies include:

Lyra Star Mist is passionate about bringing the fun back to humanity while healing our planet.

In 2007 she founded Earth College and created magnetic logos which she and her family sold to people while traveling across the country in 2009.

She established Earth Soul Ministries upon discovering and experiencing the disparities of our society upon the youth and the less fortunate.   She has been working to develop games and activities for children, families, and communities to become more sustainable and empowered in a positive and value centered way.

In 2016 she founded The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families and has been involved in many outreach projects to support young families and children in learning and growing in healthy ways.

~Mental and physical alternative healing techniques
~regenerative and sustainable development ~environmental architecture and gardening ~environmental education
~human psychology 

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Nate Cruz

Administrative Director/Co-founder
Quantum Dream Weaver, Hardware/Tech Designer, Free Agent


Adaptive, dedicated & motivated professional that holds a strong commitment to understanding & individualized care applied within all applied scopes & fields. I believe in commitment of being a team player from the moment of inception all the way to procurement of any function. Primary focus is to provide and maintain exceptional credibility, integrity, & an overall understanding of quantifiable result creation at all times, most especially in any task set before me. Although proficient in my ongoing skill-sets, I thrive to learn from my experience and grow in ways that will further flourish versatility in skill-set, knowledge, & all abilities of application. Whatever the task, skill-set orientation, & integrity are my passions! Supervisory & motivational training experience, scheduling, time management, adaptive coping skills, mobilize a group/ team or individuals in order to get objectives done quickly and efficiently. Accurate completion of tasks above expectations and ahead of schedule.

Passion and Studies: Mr. Cruz is open to a wide range of inquiries, & has a wide variety of interests such as & not limited to: •journalism critique & interview •public speaking & debate •coaching, psychology, philosophy, stimulating discussions relating to quantum theory, physics, etc. •brainstorming for excellence & innovations •legal & political organizations •oversight committees •program management, procurement, & implementation •identifiable loss prevention •disenfranchised | human | child advocacy | organizations & non-profits, state | county | federal | multinational •independent multimedia content production via- interactive supervisory & interactive collaboration | music | video | YT channel |show branding, planning, building structured format •independent multimedia scout & networking | music | content creator | YT channel •matching needs/or assets & troubleshooting focusing on mutual benefit of an individual &/or organization •myriad of applied technologies

Forest Leonard


Family Centered for Naitional Security

The strength of our families is measured by the strength of our communities.

The different sectors of community are interconnected by the engagement of the community members.  The areas of public and private engagements are your portals for activation.  You choose how you will engage.

Our communities are divided into different sectors for better coordination of specific sector goals per your community.


104 New Mohawk Rd.
Nevada City, CA, 95959, US

About us

GREAT WORKS ALLIANCE, celebrating and empowering the people, expanding their community dynamic and desire to connect with others, through fun gamification of reality.

Inspiring and empowering the Hero within through interactive, engaging, and optimizing Quests and Missions!

Our Mission: 
To activate the Player's full potential through fun games, interactive engagement, and meritocracy

Together we will build a community-centric social network collaboration and referral platform enabling ease of access to community resources, extended services, and community leaders, thus improving quality of life for all.

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