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Our Vision

We envision a world where all people are empowered individuals, performing epic transformations of Great Works within their communities every day, improving the quality of life for all.

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We are passionate about helping individuals and communities thrive.

What are you passionate about?

What services we provide:

~ services & tools to  empower and inspire individuals and organizations
~ guidance to those requesting assistance, directing them to the appropriate advocate.
~agent-centric data repository and organization tools
~ personalized metrics system with personal health guides, team layout and linking, collaboration, & other features
~ Infrastructure models
~ 'Out of the box' systems approaches to community restoration and rebuilding
~ Social and team building exercises/games
~ Consultation and referrals
~ Guidance and models in alignment with natural system design methodology

We also provide guidance/mentorship for individuals, businesses and communities.

Meet the Founders and most active Players

Lyra Star Mist

Executive Director/Co-founder
Quantum Dream Weaver, Game Designer, Free Agent, and holistic healer.

"We are in this together and to heal one is the first step to healing  all.  We are here to heal together."

Love, nurturing, compassion, brave, honor, integrity, trustworthy, leadership, humanity, team work, love of learning, creative, innovative, discernment, humor, spiritual, transcendent.

Passionate about Earth and uplifting humanity.

Passions and Studies include:

Lyra Star Mist is passionate about bringing the fun back to humanity while healing our planet.

•Mental and physical alternative healing techniques
•regenerative and sustainable development •environmental architecture and gardening •environmental education
•human psychology 

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Nathanael Cruz

Administrative Director/Co-founder
Quantum Dream Weaver, Hardware/Tech Designer, Free Agent

"I believe in commitment of being a team player from the moment of inception all the way to procurement of any function."


Adaptive, dedicated & motivated professional that holds a strong commitment to understanding & individualized care applied within all applied scopes & fields.

Passion and studies include: 
  •journalism critique & interview •public speaking & debate •coaching, psychology, philosophy, Primary focus is to provide and maintain exceptional credibility, integrity, & an overall understanding of quantifiable result creation at all times, most especially in any task set.

Scott Taubold

Co-founder and Community Management Resource director


Licensed Psychologist, Leadership, Compassion, Teamwork, Love of Learning, Critical thinking, Social Intelligence, author, teacher.

Passions and studies include:  

Michael McDonald

Communications Director/Co-founder of Great Works Alliance of Clark County, Human and Family Rights Advocate, Tech Designer and Free Agent


Leadership, Compassion, Love, Teamwork, Love of Learning, Justice

Passions and studies include:  

man wearing black cap with love your neighbour print during daytime

The strength of our families are measured by the strength of our communities.

Family Centered for National & Planetary Security

The different sectors of community are interconnected by the engagement of the community members.  The areas of public and private engagements are your portals for activation.  You choose how you will engage.

Our communities are divided into different sectors for better coordination of specific sector goals per your community.

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SoulSpark Playground