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We believe that people have more fun when they are doing what they love.  Here are some tools, games and activities we are sure you will enjoy to share and give.

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Children of all ages are welcome.

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We hope you will join us and explore the various projects and opportunities shared with a spirit of good fun and play.  

What is SparkITude?

SparkITude provides a gameified set of tools for a fun interactive and  interpersonal exploration along with community relationship building activities.  It allows us to nurture our desire to connect with others in a more meaningful and positive way. 

If you wish to nurture and grow positive values and alliances with others, this game is for you.

There are so many ways to play this game.  Some want to take a personal exploration with this game.  You can also play with your friends and family.   Children of all ages will enjoy the journeys and adventures created while playing.

To get your free download and peruse through the examples of how to play, click the button below.

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In a world where most games are a win/lose proposition, sometimes it is great to play a game where everyone wins.

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~  Meeting our goals  ~

SparkITude ~ 'The most amazing game you've never heard of'
Providing edutainment for children of all ages. 

We are inviting investors in the community to assist in the launch a life altering set of games and adventures.

Creating more synergistic community and interpersonal relationships built on
our shared values and common unity. 

We are raising funds through engaging and interactive events at our current home base and through online campaigns.

Bringing SparkITude to all of our friends and freedom fighters out there!

We are meeting up with our allies and assist in establishing chapters of Great Works Alliance. 

We are delighted to connect with anyone else who wishes to start a chapter in their town or county.  If you would like to donate or be involved in another capacity, please be sure to
contact us.


R & D


Game design and development


Packaging and printing


Fundraising & Promotion

Learn about the passions and projects of some of the allies that join us in this Great Work.

Welcome to the
#SoulSpark Playground