What is SparkITude?

SparkITude is a gameified set of tools for a fun interactive and  interpersonal exploration along with community relationship building activities.  It allows us to nurture our desire to connect with others in a more meaningful and positive way. 

If you wish to nurture and grow positive values and alliances with others, this game is for you.

There are so many ways to play this game.  Some want to take a personal exploration with this game.  You can also play with your friends and family.   Children of all ages will enjoy the journeys and adventures created while playing.

To get your free download and peruse through the examples of how to play, click the button below.

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This game has been customized for five strategic areas of focus: 1.) Health & Wellness: Optimizing holistic well-being through lifestyle optimization and care for mind/body connectedness. 2.) Education: Enhancing social-emotional skills, creativity and achievement for all generations of learners. 3.) Business & Dream Teams: Building high-performing, purpose-driven cultures through collaborative strengths-finding and servant leadership. 4.) Self Care: Supporting stress management and whole-person fulfillment outside traditional therapy models. 5.) Family & Friends: Strengthening communication and unity within important relationships. 

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By addressing these diverse yet interconnect needs, SparkITude promises wide-reaching impact. SparkITude is just one example of how the SoulSpark Playground brings serious themes to life through enjoyable gameplay. By connecting inner work with collaborative real-world problem solving, our solutions empower thriving on both the individual and societal level. Your support will allow scaling these impactful experiences to embrace humanity's shared capacity for conscious evolution. Players access a richly interactive world where they can forge connections across boundaries, join citizen initiatives addressing real-world issues, and level-up their emotional intelligence, networking ability and civic engagement. Guiding principles of unity, compassion and regeneration are brought to life through quests, simulations and peer learning networks. Outcome metrics demonstrate significant gains in empathy, relationship skills, creativity and leadership potential - paving the way for more harmonious and solutions-oriented interactions both online and off. Business and impact models are sustainable through memberships, impact investors and strategic corporate/NGO partnerships interested in workforce development and community betterment. By joining the vanguard of the β€˜Regenaissance,’ Great Works Alliance aims to prove that innovative, mutual-benefit platforms can drive true and lasting progress on today’s most complex challenges by unlocking our shared human potential for good. Your visionary support will allow sharing its benefits on a global scale through this one-of-a-kind edutainment platform. Honoring the Golden Rule.

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Sign up today to take part in one of our workshops.  Add a testimonial.  Order a deck of cards or a game!  There are many options to choose from. 

We believe that people have more fun when they are doing what they love.

Children of all ages are welcome.

Suggested donation: $12.00 

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Learn more about this awe inspiring interpersonal exploration and game here.  Explore the cards on our site and see what calls out to you.

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SparkITude Online

This is a game tool of interpersonal exploration and community building exercises that will challenge your perception of reality. We are here to assist your in finding your tribe. Claim your spot at our next online class event. This event is free & includes a private invitation to a game facilitated by game designer Lyra Star.

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SparkITude Community

Find your tribe!!   Claim your ticket to our next community event. Your donation of $24.00 includes a private invitation to a game and potluck facilitated by game designer Lyra Star. These events are taking place in and around Las Vegas.

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SparkITude Game Private Facilitation

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Claim your pre-order for the first iteration of the Wall game with high quality Eco Herbage cards and pieces made from sustainable products. Includes 1-2 hours of a deep dive by Reiki Master and Quantum Dream Weaver Lyra Star Mist for a $565.00 donation.

This package also includes 1 gallon of our ministry's healing elixir Chai for a heightened experience.

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RejuvElyxr Chai

Created by Chai Brew Master Lyra Star, this healing elixir is sure to enable a more heightened experience of health and well being.

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In a world where most games are a win/lose proposition, sometimes it is great to play a game where everyone wins.

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Providing edutainment for children of all ages. 

Bringing SparkITude to all of our friends and freedom fighters out there!

We are meeting up with our allies and assist in establishing chapters of Great Works Alliance. 

We are delighted to connect with anyone else who wishes to start a chapter in their town or county.  If you would like to donate or be involved in another capacity, please be sure to
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