~ SoulSpark Compass ~

Building your SoulSpark Compass

Where do your sparks start?
Check out the layers of your compass as identified in the icons below.

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Level 1

Virtues and Strengths:  courage, bravery, perseverance, sense of meaning, vitality.
Main Drive: survival as spirit in body, work, livelihood and money, fight or flight
Work skills: survival skills, accounting

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Level 2

Virtues and Strengths:  passion, perseverance, zest
Main Drive:  emotionality, male/femaleness, relational orientation, sexual attraction, sexuality and clairsentience
Work skills:  nurturing and care provider

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Level 3

Virtues and Strengths:  justice, honesty, teamwork, self regulation, judgement
Main Drive: the seat of the ego identity, how much energy you have, how you use it and what you use it for, feelings and needs
Work skills:  safety, security, community, fairness 

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Level 4

Virtues and Strengths:  love, humanity, humility, fairness, kindness, nurturing, prudence, forgiveness
Main Drive:  ability to be at peace with people, places and objects,  what you love, what you're in affinity with, what you're magnetically drawn to
Work skills:  Awareness of feelings and needs of others, empathy

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Level 5

Virtues and Strengths:  humanity, leadership, social intelligence, judgement, knowledge, hope
Main drive:  communication and self-expression...communicating both to others and to yourself
Skills:  non-violent communication skills, clairaudience, telepathy, and channeling abilities 

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Level 6

Virtues and Strengths:  wisdom, creativity, curiosity, love of learning, open minded, perspective, mindfulness, innovation, prudence
Main drive:  seeing your own truth and distinguishing truth from lie. It allows you to see as spirit, clairvoyantly
Skills:  seeing clearly, clear observer

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Level 7

Virtues and Strengths:  transcendence, appreciation of beauty, gratitude, humor
Main Drive:  higher spiritual information and knowingness, your ability to be still and know truth
Skills:  intuition and inspiration

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