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With the platform you will be able to connect with project leaders, manage and track Missions (tasks), and enrich your own, and others', experience through virtual training, connections, critical thinking and sense making tools.

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Mission 1

Game On!
  With this video we hope to inspire deep thought.

This inspirational video is an invitation to continue doing a deep dive into our empathic human nature. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and check out the varied playlist we are developing for an empowered journey.


Mission 2

Build your Meta Profile

Fill out your Superpower Identifier and learn what Missions best fit you. Add your basic information and start building your #SoulSpark map. You will need to be added to the team to complete this Mission. Be sure to connect with us for your key.

This is your introduction to Play with others in the community. ​​​​​​​


Mission 3

Welcome Home Free Agent.  You are your own agent in life and we are here to help you fulfill your objectives.

We are seeking like minded individuals to join our teams and help create the infrastructure and actions needed to improve quality of life for all.

To become a Team Player in the main playground, please fill out this questionnaire.


Mission 4

Working together.

Once you have registered and built your #SoulSpark, be sure to review Mission I'm Possible requests that align with your skills and passions.

By helping complete these Mission requests, you are a superhero to someone seeking help.


Mission 5

Share Progress

How far along are you?
What were the challenges?
Who did you find to help?
Do you need a 'lifeline'?
What did you learn?

Keep coming back and let us know your thoughts. You can add information and time spent on your path of possibilities.


Mission 6

Take collaborative action!

Join the #SoulSpark Playground. Your virtual workshop of allies.
Our meetings give everyone an opportunity to explore their passions, skills, and values from a personal and collaborative perspective. 

Contact us to set up a one-on-one deep dive interview.


Mission 7

SparkITude ~ Playing together

SparkItude is a game of interpersonal exploration and community relationship building. Claim your FREE download today and get started on your personal journey.


Mission 8

Mission Request Portal

If you do not wish to become a Player, but would still like to employ our services, sponsor, or donate, we invite you to create your request through our help desk portal.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Mission 9

Visions of Collaboration
Building Alliances

If you are a board member of an organization and would like to build a collaborative mesh with us, let us know a little more and how we can help.


Mission 10

Public Referral

If you would like to add a community organization, service, advocate, or any other business in your community to our public data-base, fill out the forms available in this Mission.


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Spring schedule includes: Bug Out/In Preparedness activities, Micro-green and gardening activities, Outdoor adventures, collaborations and gatherings. 

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Find or Form a Pod

Open Mission

Do you want to build alliances of great works?

Explain your call to action, pod focus, or alliances being built in your area. If you are already a part of the alliance and want to learn more about current events and activities, please view our calendar.

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