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ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET, thriving together.

We are here to help.

With our platform you are part of the help desk community.

We are building and sharing tools to help organize people and organizations and give guidance to those requesting assistance, directing them to the appropriate advocate.

You and any other agent logged in will be able to add to the data repository and organize efforts with a tracking system, team layout and linking, collaboration, and other features.

All Allies, creative spirits, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and Advocates are invited to the Orientation meeting.  We want to learn more about your passions and where you feel most appreciated.  Let us work with you to find your perfect team.

When:  Contact us to set up an appointment today.
Contact:  [email protected]
Phone:  (669)300-5932

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Our Vision

We are celebrating and empowering the people, expanding their community dynamic and desire to connect with others, through fun gameification of reality.

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Our Mission and Quest

 Inspiring and empowering the Hero within through interactive, engaging, and optimizing Quests and Missions!  
To activate the Player's full potential through fun gameification, interactive engagement, and meritocracy.

Together we will build a community-centric social network collaboration and referral platform enabling ease of access to community resources, extended services, and community leaders, thus improving quality of life for all.

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Meeting Our Goals

Your Playground is being built by our team. If you wish to help us meet our goals, be sure to join our team and get ready to have some fun.

This year we have set out a number of goals.  Some of them have been completed, but the list is still growing and we are asking for your participation to meet these goals.  To review our quarterly goals and learn what is still in the works,  follow this link:  Our Quest - 2019-2021 Quarterly Goals.


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Game Development


Community Collaboration




#SoulSpark City

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