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 Inspiring and empowering the Hero within through interactive, engaging, and optimizing Quests and Missions!

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In the cosmic loom, where the threads of existence intertwine, we embark on an epic odyssey—
Weaving the Quantum Tapestry
with the sacred sparks of our individuality.
As cosmic artisans, we plunge into the depths of the great work, diving into the SoulSpark Playground, seeking the profound essence that transcends mortal realms.

Immersed in the wisdom drawn from the sacred scrolls of diverse disciplines—poetry, the ancient language of the soul; art, the canvas of our collective imagination; psychology, the map to the labyrinth of the mind; and transformative pedagogy, the key to unlocking hidden truths—we set forth. 

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Welcome to our portal.

We are here to help.

Our quest is not mere exploration but a cosmic dance, an alchemical fusion.
With each step, we invoke an autonomic responsive understanding—a harmony resonating through the quantum tapestry.

Each thread, spun with celestial inspiration, shapes the individual's journey within the great work, illuminating the labyrinthine corridors of the soul with the radiant brilliance of a thousand stars.

In this celestial symphony, we let the luminous spark of the soul be our guiding star as we traverse the cosmic expanse, unraveling the mysteries woven into the fabric of existence.

With our platform and curricula you will be empowered to be more in tune with you.  This enables you to be happy and thriving in all of your activities.

We are building and sharing tools to help inspire and empower the empathic human experience. 

Our team is here to provide guidance to those requesting assistance, whether that is for interpersonal exploration, team building, networking and beyond.

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Interpersonal Leadership & Transformational Principles

What we model.  We invite you to weave a regenerative community tapestry with others.

Interpersonal Leadership Emphasis:

Great work involves an outward and inward movement rooted in the principles of diversity, cooperation, harmony, and integration, fostering a leadership model for the 21st century.

Human Centric Approach:

Grounded in positive, functional and human centric psychology, Great Works Alliance strives to enhance human qualities such as choice, creativity, and the interaction of body, mind, and spirit. 

Social Contract & Cooperation:

Aligned with the principles of cooperation and solidarity, Great Works Alliance aims to build capacities for collaboration, transforming the world and reimagining futures together. 

Transformational Essence:

Embracing the concept of transformation, great work signifies a journey marked by personal and collective change, as seen in discussions related to transformation on many media platforms. 

Interpersonal Compassion:

In the context of organizational dynamics, great work embodies compassion as an interpersonal process that involves noticing, feeling, sense-making, and acting to alleviate the suffering of others. 

Emotional & Cognitive Culture:

Great Works Alliance takes great care in identifying the influence by emotional and cognitive culture, setting the tone for how individuals think and behave with empathetic feedback. It reflects the innovative, team-oriented, or competitive nature of its participants.

Help us meet our goals!!

Thank you for your support. 

Every donation counts. Everyone Matters.

We’ve set up this campaign with a goal of $20,000.

With your assistance Great Works Alliance can reach this goal & continue the great work we’ve set out to accomplish in this campaign. Donations are used to provide education, tools & resources for all Players of the 'Infinite Game'.

Your Playground is being built by our team. If you wish to help us meet our goals, be sure to join our team and get ready to have some fun.


1.) Tech/Building a network of trust in your community - Identification and support of organizations doing Great Work
2.) SparkITude games and activities
3.) Education curriculum - student and business development courses
4.) THATCH - Mobile Tea House & Trans-dimensional Community Hub/#SoulSpark City (community outreach)

 To review our quarterly goals and learn what is still in the works, follow this link: Our Quest - 2019-2023 Goals.


Tech/Network of Trust






THATCH/#SoulSpark City

Enter the SoulSpark Playground.

How does the SoulSpark Playground benefit you?

Our research has identified many benefits within both group and individual settings when implementing our curriculum.

If you would like to know more about the SoulSpark Playground and how you can benefit from our curriculum, tools, games and activities, click the button below.

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