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Community Tech Development Operation


We are seeking Players to join our development and growth in tech/community service meshing. To begin with, we need game and tech developers to join our team to build on our platform.

We are looking for Volunteers in:
High Priority -Neo4j and Experienced in GraphQL (and ecosystem)
-Advertising Coordinator
-3-D VR/XR artists and
-developers familiar with Unity engine

-Open Source licencing and
-spirit of intent,
-Spreadsheets, and service meshing from technical to localized applications.
-Advocates in all sectors of community development

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We host an open forum for our Players and Guests to participate and learn more about our services.  You can join in on these weekly meetings by signing up via the links, creating a collaboration request, or by completing your Profile

These events will introduce you to our gamification lab where you will begin your Mission selection, level of participation, and teamwork.

We are looking for Volunteers in:
Tech Developers/AI/NoSQL/SQL...
Advocates in all sectors of community development
Media/Advertising Coordinator
3-D VR artists and developers

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Winter schedule includes: Bug In/Out Preparedness activities, Micro-green and winter gardening activities, Outdoor adventures, collaborations and gatherings.

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