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Celebrating Great Works
of Common Unity.

Great Works Alliance would like to invite you to Play with us building a truly open tech/community resource mesh ecosystem that your communities will immediately adopt, helping improve the quality of life for all those you care for.

Welcome to the Action Hub

Begin the process of establishing fun gameification of realities to expand the community dynamics and desire to connect with others within the local area, starting small but expanding globally. We offer curricula for virtual reality simulations and virtual overlay programs, including but limited to daily activities, creative events, and gatherings in your community. 

Begin accepting Missions, Quests and transformative challenges.


"Be the change you like to see in the world." ~Gandhi

Act! On! your inner SoulSpark.

Mission I'm Possible ~
Building your SoulSparks

Beginning with the series of games and activities to spark the empathic human experience into action from a personal place of your inner strengths, virtues and skills. The following activity books and game dimensions are to be played in the expanded playground of the SoulSpark community.

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Virtues In Action

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Regenerative Impact

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Ripples in Community

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Operation Shield

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Meeting your goals

Would you like to be a part of the teams meeting goals and acknowledging your accomplishments?

Imagine having a heads-up display of your progress from the metrics of your own SoulSparks.
With our platform you will.


Self Assessment


 Mission Status 


Virtues in Action (EQ)


Physical/ Mental Health and Wellness 


Regenerative Impact


Player Status by Category


Team Building


Performance Rating

Take Action Today!!

Your Call to Action

We are seeking your help to build a community resource database. 

If you have been looking to connect with people in your community and elsewhere, what has your experience been?  How could it be improved?  What are the needs not being met in your community?

Keep an eye on current events and meetings scheduled by your online resource guide. All cities and many towns have an online bulletin.

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Gaia Fest

Through the use of music, art, theatre, education, festivals both virtual and terrestrial, and other global events we are uniting in celebration of our beautiful home while embracing the unique individuality of life itself.

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Operation SHIELD

Showcase your event here!! 

Invite people from your local community to share their event with others as we build out a resource and event directory for common unity directives.

This Mission is designed to assist in coordination of our awareness and support communities with the protection of volunteers from the local community.  This may come through the biker & veteran community as well as  others to back up the proactive non-confrontational peaceful parade/ flash dance/ recruitment operations.

Vision of  Collaboration

This form is created to assist in collaborative mapping the festivals around the world. We are collecting visions to connect and develop a unified vision to share with the world for Zoom collaborative festivals. This form is created for the collection of information on your festival/organization in your city/county. Only one organization/candidate referral per form.

Flash Heroes Unite

Heroes are everywhere and it is wonderful to come together for a celebration and show of appreciation.  Do you have an event to share your gratitude for community heroes?  Are you a community hero seeking to connect with others in you area to convey a united message?

Event information will be available in the community calendar/map  soon to be published.

Flash Dance/ Parade

We want to support your event.  Add your information to this form and we will add it to the community map soon to be published.

~ Welcome to the
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