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How this program works.

We want to learn more about your passions and where you feel most appreciated. Let us work with you to find your perfect team.

~  Great Works Alliance, and collaborative organizations, Merit Badging Model will provide training, incentive and recognition with access to programs enabling Players to be recognized for their talents and passions as well as the ability to learn new skills and trades, while sharing their skills and trades with others.

~  We are dedicated to creating personal pathways to optimal quality of life. Each badge equates to an accomplishment in improving a person’s quality of life and ability of immediate recognition based on credible maintained history.

~  The badges offer credibility in certain areas of focus that can be taught to others. This improves a person’s introspection, self-esteem, self-respect, respectability viewed by others, offers peer-to-peer mentorship and experience.

~  The badge carriers varying degrees of authority- Re-envisioned Justice League/Hero School/ Titan’s Academy/ Starfleet Academy.

~  The use of positive psychology is employed - needs, feelings, and actions, Write your path. We expect these badges to go viral.

~  With our platform, you are part of the help desk community. We are building and sharing tools to help organize people and organizations and give guidance to those requesting assistance, directing them to the appropriate advocate.

~  You and any other agent logged in will be able to add to the data repository and organize efforts with a tracking system, team layout and linking, collaboration, and other features.

~  All Allies, creative spirits, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and Advocates are invited to the Orientation meeting. 

Meeting our goals 2019~2023

The journey of Great Works Alliance began in 2019.  The following is a brief summary list of progress.


Phase I
1. FB page - Great Works
2. Create dynamic on-boarding questionnaire.
3. Network team building.
4. Add Admin permission for tech team 
5. Draft up a contract of services/terms of alliance
6. Draft up a Release of Liability claim
7. Draft up a Non-disclosure Agreement


Phase II
1. Develop a ticket based system for services and accountability of agents, information portal, and service referral system
2. Organize top-down list of priorities
3. Check with WY Secretary of State’s office by mail for name availability. Ie. Great Works Alliance (Mission Completed)
4. File Articles of Incorporation: Form Arts PB 501(c)(3) Information RE: CA PB guidelines. -And other information stored in Tax Regulations Book Marks on Legion Cat. (Mission Completed)
5. Create an Ironclad Lien Agreement


Phase III
1. File Tax Exemption Status
2. Establish By-Laws
3. File for WY tax EIN.
4. Publish list of assignments to OS Ticket.
5. Create a portal on the beta site for the help desk.
6. Make a list of broad based focuses of GWA 
7. Purchase GWA domain.
8. Find graphic designers.
9. Create innovative On-boarding options


Phase IV
1.  Complete beta site. 
2. Finalize initial central hub access point.
3. Create GWA website as a central referral point beyond domain. 
4. Create a PowerPoint.
5. Apply for Grants and other means of funding.
6.  Help Set up various conferences, and do fundraising and other workshops.
7. Set up the dynamic donation portal. 
8. Input data into the PayPal button.
9. Create an Outline of three objectives for a ‘Brick and Mortar’
10. Buy business cards. 


Phase  V
1. Create a Chakra/Character Trait evaluation and correlation through diagram and mind mapping.
2. Map out badges and levels of the gaming engine
3. Make a list of five tangible goals/objectives
4. Place  GWA designs for visual layout. 
5.Copy mind maps into story line 
6. Attach mind map segments to relational backbone 
7. Sequence relational branching above information stack in outline format.   
8. Create a mind map of all the groups on social media and organize them per keywords and categories for better administration. 
9. Search local areas for coders and game designers. 10.) Create a simple Power Point presentation  for investors and allies.  


Phase VI
1. Search for primary location to establish ‘Brick and Mortar’ location.
2. Finalize the business plan 
3. Call allies and connect with  contacts accumulated.   
4. Set up physical meetings/parties to establish better relations with allies.
5.  Create an organized breakdown/excel document of the different tax filings. 
6.  Investigate the potential of collaboration between Niantic, creator of Ingress. 
 7. Investigate the potential of collaborating with Floss.

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