SoulSpark Tank
Common Unity
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Quest #22
SoulSpark Tank

Community Investors Wanted:  Help us launch a life altering set of games and adventures. Creating more synergistic community and interpersonal relationships built on our shared values and common unity.

We are raising funds through engaging and interactive events at our current home base and through online campaigns.




You are invited to be a part of our community.

We value your support!

Would you like to see one of these in your community?   

We are re-purposing a trailer to resemble this model with a focus on providing a mobile community outreach portal & kiosk.  This mobile house would also facilitate fundraising through student enrollment and sale of Herbalicious Bliss products and services.

Our first mobile community hub will be deployed in Las Vegas. With your assistance Great Works Alliance can reach our goals, continuing the great work we have set out to accomplish in this Quest.

Donations are used to provide education, tools & resources for all Players of the 'Infinite Game'.

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