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Let me be your guide on a Quest of Epic Proportions designed to catalyze profound self-expansion, through exhilarating portals of discovery, empowerment and transformation.

Bring your critical thinking skills on board in a fun and dynamic journey with us, traversing diverse realms. As we venture into the quantum expanse, the achievements accomplished along your trek will ignite and empower your inner sparks, far surpassing your expectations.

Through this collaborative exploration, we will delve into uncharted territories, fostering personal growth and igniting the fires of elevation and transcendence. Join us on this transformative odyssey where your potential knows no bounds. Your journey towards full discovery starts now.

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Business &  Dream Teams

It is well know that businesses thrive when their employees are happy.  We are confident your business/ team development will benefit from adopting our courses and material. The SoulSpark Playground offers many tools and resources for the development of stronger dream teams, Human Resource Managers, CEOs, business owners, and non-profit organizations.

Health & Wellness

There are many benefits for a psychologist, therapist, coach & counselor using SparkITude.  The use of tools and activities within any practice greatly improves the health and wellness of the client while building healthy relationships with their care provider.


Teachers, coaches and mentors can benefit from our curriculum and games.  We have developed a set of workbooks which can be used separately or with SparkITude for added benefit.  The games can be customized to suit the needs of different classrooms and students. Teachers can modify the games to focus on specific topics or skills, making these versatile tools for teaching a variety of subjects.

Self Care

For those who wish to have a very personal experience, the SoulSpark Playground has much to offer as well.  While you may not be ready to connect with others, you still have games, tools and resources to empower you to thrive.

Family & Friends

Develop lasting relationships and heal broken ties in your journey through the SoulSpark Playground with your family and friends.  When we are open to hearing another person's perspective and identifying the pain points, we are more compassionate with ourselves and each other.

Why should I enroll in the SoulSpark Playground?

Invest in your journey of discovery and collaborative play with our unique courses, programs and opportunities.

The playground crosses many boundaries by facilitating the identification of dreams and personalities, starting with the core values we each identify with most.

Learn more about the research behind the scenes.  There are many ways that you may benefit from our programs. Below is an outline of areas where SparkITude and games like it have lifelong benefits for health & wellness, both personally and professionally. Follow the links to read the point by point summary of learning objectives, lessons and outcomes by use case.

Whether you are playing for personal growth and empowerment or using our curriculum to enhance your practice, business, and beyond, we are sure you will be happy with the outcome.

Welcome to Your Hub

Start today!
The possibilities are endless.

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If life is but a stage and we are all players,

Whom will YOU be?

This is a place for your questions to be answered and your passions to be ignited.

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Welcome to the Playground

By addressing these diverse yet interconnect needs, SparkITude promises wide-reaching impact. SparkITude is just one example of how the SoulSpark Playground brings serious themes to life through enjoyable gameplay. By connecting inner work with collaborative real-world problem solving, our solutions empower thriving on both the individual and societal level.

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Start today! 

The possibilities are endless.
Optimize tools, resources, referral programs,  social networking, team building, inspiration and empowerment.

When you thrive, WE all Thrive!!

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SoulSpark Curriculum

Learn more about our curricula, enroll for a Free Agent package and support our progress on the SoulSpark Tank.

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Game On

All are invited to start here and explore your potential.  We are excited to share our one of a kind tools, activities, curricula, and opportunities with you. Enter here to choose your path.


Hero's Journey

Start your Hero's Journey.  Each person has a gift to share and a passion to pursue.  Let us help you find your tribe.  You are your own agent in the alliance.  Choose the paths that enable you to thrive.


SparkITude the Game

Ignite your SoulSparks!  What sparks your spirit and soul?  Empower your values with this fun and engaging game.  Begin your journey today!!


#SoulSpark Playground

This playground is a place where you are invited to collaborate with others around the world to complete Missions and Quests.


Meet our Allies

We are dedicated to connecting with various allies, both for-profit and non-profit organizations and offer tools and support with those who join us in collaborations.  We build alliances to promote thriving communities in common unity.

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Honoring the Golden Rule

We are committed to honoring each individual and have developed a set of ethical pillars to ensure all Players are honored.

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Herbalicious Bliss

If you are interested in learning about our herbal co-op,  purchase  our signature RejuvElyxr Kava Chai and get involved in the workshops and activities.

Visit our store and library.


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