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Calling All Quantum Dreamers

Journey with us to New Dimensions of Possibility!

After months of diligent co-creation behind the scenes, our mobile sanctuary THATCH is ready to transport communities to new levels of wellbeing, wonder and wisdom.

On June 1st, join us for the highly anticipated launch event down the magical rabbit hole. It will be an afternoon unlike any other - embark on an ephemeral adventure partaking of mystical nourishment, crafting talismans of transformation, and unlocking your true potential through interactive explorations into interpersonal realms. Revelations will abound!

Your contribution supports THATCH's (Quest #49) inaugural appearance across the enchanted landscapes this summer. Help us usher in a new era of cultural flowering and intuitive empowerment through play, learning and healing together in nature's Cathedral as one community.

RSVP now to reserve your place at the expanded minds' table - visions await down the rabbit hole! The future is unwritten. Will you join us shaping tomorrow by igniting the archetypal Dreamtime today? Register below and prepare to embark on a fantastical journey beyond ordinary borders of space, time and reality. The edge of awakening calls - heed the lyrical song into Wonderland!

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What Lights YOU UP?

Great Works Alliance provides an online platform leveraging games and play to cultivate emotional skills, foster global problem solving, and strengthen our shared humanity - empowering a new generation to build a just world through enjoyable collaborative learning experiences wherever they are.

We define the Great Work as the endeavor to uplift humanity through fun collaboration, interpersonal exploration, and relationship building. This involves enabling the transformation of consciousness aligning with your inner sparks, thus activating the empathic human experience.

Healthy relationships are crucial in the Regenaissance of our era.

Follow Your Heart Song!

~ Lyra, Co-founder & Quantum Dream Weaver & Life Coach

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Act! On! your inner SoulSparks.

Meet new challenges in

"Inspiring & Empowering the Hero within!"

Humanity faces a turning point…

This is where you can help bring to light solutions for your community.

By remembering the true heroes WE ARE RISING in common unity, we stand a real chance of improving life for all…

Enroll in our on-boarding curriculum today and activate your SoulSparks.

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